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Guitar Practice Log 7

This session was done on May 31st

I. Warmup

Nail care
String climb + spider crawl + chromatic scales

II. Technique

- Practice relaxing fingers without guitar

- Work on stability of hand with thumb (keep thumb straight instead of bending back)
- 10x of PAMA, PMAM, PIMI, PMIM at 60bpm

- Rotate accents 60bpm with speed bursts

III. New Repertoire

Go over first page of Bourree


I. Warmup

I shouldn't file the left edge of my right hand nails because it is too difficult to remove the corner. I should order nail strengthener.

Stretches 30min

Notes on Finger independence stretches.
- Fingers were splaying too far from each other, sign of tension.
- I need to remember to bend both the 1st and 2nd phalanges.
- To ask: is it possible to fully disconnect M & A?

II. Technique

Vibrato (5 mins)
- Practiced some, still struggling with pinky / index.

Tremolo (35 min)
- Recorded from new camera angle. I realized that I need to push my fingers forward and contract a bit. I also noticed that each pluck I am relaxing the last part of my finger before playing. I think my fingers need to be fully relaxed when they are "on deck" for plucking so that the pluck step is just a contraction rather than a relax-then-contract.
- Try the technique tomorrow.

Rasgueado: (20 min)

- I realized I've been contracting my hand and need to remember that I only should be using the extenders, and I should place the right hand so that extending strikes the strings.

III. New Repertoire

- My ability to play this piece regressed after my break.

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