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Guitar Practice Log 6

I. Warmup
1. Pepe Romero exercises
2. Spidercrawl

II. Music Theory
1. 20 mins of interval ear training.

III. Technique
1. Tremolo Practice
2. Rasgueado Practice
3. Double Notes

IV. New Repertoire
1. Continue work on Borree

V. Play around



I. Warmup

Pepe Romero Warmup: (30 min)
Spidercrawl (5min)

III. Technique

Tremolo: (40 mins)

- I learned to: keep hand/fingers at a slight angle to the strings. I can do speed bursts that almost begin to sound like tremolo, but I can see shakyness in my hand. My hand can't shake because my fingers need to stay in a precise spot to keep even articulation. Occasionally my thumb knocks my hand out of position by shaking the hand.

Take a look at:
a. Ring finger is at 90 degree angle to strings while middle / index stay at about a 75-80 degree angle

Rasgueado Practice (10 mins)
- Sounding smoother, hold fingers at angle (e and continue to work on ring finger + pinky isolation.

Double Notes: (S: 1.08) (4 mins)
- Same problem with

IV. New Repertoire

(24 mins - No Notes)

V. Play Around

(~15 mins. Listening to some recordings of my pieces, it seemed my high e has a less than pleasant twang sound.)

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