Very Secure

Holy shit, lizard hitler's scheme to scare people away from non-https sites is working

January 24th, 2020

Do you remember when Googlag and other agents of the evil empire conspired to push everyone onto their https scam? A few years ago they updated their browsers to display a "not secure" warning when connected to a non-https compliant site. I had forgotten about this myself, until recently when I shared my blog with someone at a bar. He pulled up my site on his phone and immediately commented that it was not secure. Gasps and whispers could be heard from onlookers, insecure! wasn't whaack just talking about how he was interested in cryptography?

Naively, I responded by trying to explain why one should ignore the browser's warning. But countering ignorance with a wordy rational argument is pointless at best and autistic at worst. My explanation came off defensive. I should have thrown him something out of the blue.

I left the bar wondering: could Goolag & co's scheme be driving away a substantial amount of tmsr readership? On the bright side the https warning may serve as a helpful filter. If you fall for it, God help you. But perhaps there are some confused souls with potential being led astray. The pretense that Googlag gives for requiring https may be convincing to someone who has not yet "negrated" the certificate signing authorities. Think of the children!

Whether the "not secure" warning does more harm (by blocking potential noobs) than good (by filtering out the cluess) is unclear. The problem is that tmsr has no say in the matter. There's no way around this if it's a given that the enemy controls what is displayed on their cattle's screen.1 But so long as they don't modify my site itself, I can leave a little signal on the top left corner of my page.

  1. I'm sure they would prefer to ban all sites outside of NSABook/Instaspam/Goolag/etc. Apple's walled-garden app store is most of the way there. []

Installing Software on the New Machine

January 23rd, 2020

After various delays, I have finally put together a machine running CentOS-6.9-x86_64-minimal.iso. My next task is to install necessary software. First I must clarify what I want to do with the computer.

The reasons I built the computer are:

1. To have a machine I can trust1 that allows me to be maximally productive.

2. To gain a better understanding of the hardware and software I use.

3. To rid myself of my dependency on a company that treats its customers like cattle.

Keeping these reasons in mind, I need to go forward with the goal of installing software I've read and understood. Unfortunately, fully understanding each piece of code I use is an unrealistic ideal. Computing has perhaps left the world of math and entered the world of biology. The complexity is too great, so certain items will be installed on faith.

To give direction on what I need to install, I put together a list of what I would like to do with my machine.

1. Blog

2. Program

3. Communicate through IRC

4. Play Eulora

5. (Optional) Run a bitcoin node

In order to obtain what I need to do the above, I must setup software that helps me install other software. This begins by installing a V, or even better by writing my own V. Then I need to configure a network connection.

In order to blog I must install emacs, a graphics stack, and a web browser. I will install all three with yum. These pieces of software are examples of tools I depend on that I don't have time to fully read and understand. Also, by installing via yum, I am placing confidence in signatures from keys unknown to any of my trusted peers.

In order to write programs, I will need to setup my emacs environment. At a minimum I will need to make sure I have syntax highlighting. Some other features I find useful are jump-to-function-definition and auto-complete. However I am not so sure that these tools help me. Lastly, to continue my work on TheFleet, I will need to install sbcl, quicklisp, slime, and postgres.

For communicating through IRC, I will use V to press jfw's yrc client.

I noticed that there is no guide on Eulora's website for installing the game on CentOS. So I will try to compile the client from source and of course ask for help in #o or #e.

And lastly, for installing a bitcoin node I will use V to press trb.

There are other tasks I must do to setup my computer. For example, I need to setup an SSH key and add the public key to my VMs and blogs, etc. But the above list should keep me busy for now.

  1. to a certain degree []

Spanish Pop Study - An Attempted Translation of Dollar by Becky G and Myke Towers - Part 2

January 22nd, 2020

Continued from part 1

Yo sé que hay muchos en fila
Y que te cansaron las mentiras, deja que el destino decida
Tú estás por encima, siempre por mi mente desfilas
No hay otra parecida, que tú eres única
La foto viral a la que la haces pública
Vámonos de vacaciones pa' la República
Con una como tú uno lo que quiere es turistear,
Pero ella me tumba el plan
Myke Towers, baby

I know that there are many in line
And that they tire you with lies, let fate decide1
You are on top, you always run through my mind
There's no one similar, you are unique
The viral foto is that which you make public2
Let's go on vacation to the (Dominican) Republic
With someone like you the desire is to travel3
But she owns my plan
Myke Towers, baby

Hook x1

Becky G responds

No me pongas esa cara
Con esos ojitos no me vas a convencer
Sabes que mi amor es caro
Si lo quieres, tú tienes que trabajar por el (Por fa', eh)
Si te dijo que me bajes el cielo (Ey), me lo bajas entero (¡Wuh!)
Si te dijo que vengas, me traigas hasta el mar (Rrr), cruza los 7 mares (Ah ah)
Así es que se hacen las cosas con esta muchacha
Quiero más acción y menos blah-blah

Don't put on that face
With those little eyes you're not going to convince me.
You know my love is expensive.
If you want it, you have to work for it (Please, eh)
If I tell you to lower the sky, (ey) you lower it all the way (wuh)
If I tell you to come, you carry me to the sea, (Rrr) across the 7 seas (ah ah)
That's how things are done with this girl
I want more action and less blah-blah.

Hook x2

Luian (Yeah yeah yeah)
¡Mambo Kingz! (Jajaja)
Myke Towers, baby

Every Spanish pop song seems to end with some promotional shoutouts.

  1. Or literally, "let destiny decide" []
  2. Another translation says, "The viral photo you make public" . I am doubting both translations. I am unsure of what Myke Towers is trying to say here. []
  3. Another translation says, "with a girl like you, what you want is to be a tourist." From my first understanding, it is ambiguous whether the subject of querer (to want) is the third person or second person formal. However upon further examination I believe that its conjugation is meant to be in the second person formal. There is no context for a third person here. []

El Toro

January 22nd, 2020

The crowd splits; the beast charges in my direction. A paralysis seizes me. Just stay still, close your eyes, it'll be okay. Now I understand the headlight effect. But I am no deer. I scramble away, unsure where to face while running. Look forward, lose site of bull. Look back, collide or trip.

I head for the fence, the way out. There are other dangers. I dodge a man. I dodge a horse. Almost free. I slide under the fence. Should have climbed it. Legs have reached safety, head and torso have not. There are spectators blocking my exit. I kick the assholes until they move. Safe.

I go for a walk, dusting off my clothes. My camera is missing, but what does that matter?

TheFleet Test Run Results and Next Steps

January 22nd, 2020

Two weeks ago I launched 2 fleets on 2 separate VMs. Each fleet connected to 7 networks.1 I was only able to connect to 7 networks per VM because I use a separate sbcl process for each network, and quicklisp uses 70MB of memory by itself. My VMs have 1GB of RAM. At the time of writing, VM1 collected 20,203 messages and VM2 collected 43,410 messages.2 An example query of the data on VM1:

fleetbotdb=> select message, target, networkname from irclog where LOWER(message) like '%btc%';
  message                              |    target     | networkname
  hey MrBTC                                                         | #nostalgic    | DejaToons
  get that other retard with that btc referal                       | #VHSTAPES.ORG | DejaToons
  !btc                                                              | #VHSTAPES.ORG | DejaToons
  !btc nzd                                                          | #VHSTAPES.ORG | DejaToons
  [BTC_DUMP] (ZeaS|SaInT-DeViL): -2.07% 9042.921019276757 -> 8855.5 | #pos          | D4RCnet
  Bought 0.1847727 BTC for 1640.35 USD                              | #pos          | D4RCnet
  [BTC_DUMP] (ZeaS|SaInT-DeViL): -2.34% 8852.59497206704 -> 8645.1  | #pos          | D4RCnet
  [BTC_DUMP] (ZeaS|SaInT-DeViL): -2.04% 8642.408379888288 -> 8465.9 | #pos          | D4RCnet
  [BTC_DUMP] (ZeaS|SaInT-DeViL): -2.44% 8716.312068028039 -> 8503.9 | #pos          | D4RCnet
  (9 rows)

There were a few problems I encountered that disconnected most of my bots. On VM1 it appears the only networks I am still connected to are DejaToons and On VM 2, Omninet. I am never 100% sure of my connection status to various channels/networks because to get that information I need to manually dig through logs.

Here are some of the error messages I received from the networks where I am sure I disconnected:

DigitalIRC - ERR_YOUREBANNEDCREEP: snup97 "You are not welcome on this network. G-Lined: join/part spam. Email for more information."

Crippler - Sent me TOOMANYCHANNELS errors and then I couldn't reconnect.

GeekSheed - ERROR: "Closing Link: snup97[] (User has been banned from GeekShed (You are banned from GeekShed for 8d! Reason: Malicious bots, clones and drones are prohibited by the Network TOS. :You may appeal it at*%40167.172.17.162&time=8d&reason=Malicious bots, clones and drones are prohibited by the Network TOS.))"

P2PChat - NOTICE: roco44 "*** You are banned from P2PChat (either stay on or off (3 days))"

AustNode - ERR_YOUREBANNEDCREEP: roco44 "You are not welcome on this network. Z-Lined: suspicious host. Email for more information."

BDChat - NOTICE: roco44 "*** You are banned from BDCHAT ([CaNdy_SHop_US] [CaNdy_SHop_US]). Email for more information."

freenode - ERROR: "Closing Link: (Excess Flood)"

SceneP2P - ERR_YOUREBANNEDCREEP: roco44 "You are not welcome on this network. G-Lined: Invalid channel. Email for more information."

On VM1 my bots logged 19,519 channel joins 19,276 channel disconnects. On VM2 4,440 joins and 4,354 disconnects. I discovered that only a few of these disconnects were due to being kicked from a channel. So somehow I am getting into reconnect/disconnect cycles that show up as spam. This gets me banned from the network.

My next steps forward are as follows:

  1. Reduce memory overhead from using quicklisp to load cl-irc and its dependencies.
  2. Create a strategy / command for being able to see which networks/channels I am currently connected to across my VMs.
  3. Investigate why I did a reconnect/disconnect dance with certain networks.
  4. I saw in the logs that some networks said I was joining too many channels. I should investiage why, since the number of channels my nicks join are capped at the network's reported max-chans-per-nick limit.
  5. Investigate Excess Flood problem with freenode.
  6. Increase delay before reconnecting to a network. Remove cl-ircs auto reconnect on kick.
  7. Publish vpatch for ircbot's reconnect bug.
  1. VM1: DigitalIRC, DejaToons,, D4RCnet, Crippler, GeekShed, P2PChat.
    VM2: freenode, DALnet, ircHax0r, Omninet, SceneP2P, BDCHAT, and AustNode []
  2. These were messages of type PRIVMSG, i.e. normal user/bot messages. There were about 100,000 messages total if we include join/part messages. []

Computer Build Plan

January 21st, 2020

diana_coman: that's where everything else should come from; so: what's the goal of this plan of yours?
whaack: diana_coman: The goal is to ensure I have what I need and know what to do in order to execute a timely, safe, and proper build of my computer.
whaack: safe means I don't open up the possibility of breaking something, and proper means I don't make a mistake that requires me to do undo a bunch of work to fix.

First we will ensure I have what I need to build the computer.1 Below is a list of all the tools, cables, consumables, screws, and parts I will use - with their location specified in a footnote.


  • Screwdriver set2
  • Small pliers (to grip hard to reach items)3
  • Rechargeable compressed air sprayer4
  • Flashlights5


  • Zip ties (100x 200mm and 100x 100mm)6
  • Thermal Paste 2g (4x)7
  • Thermal Paste Cleaning Supplies
    • 90% Ethyl Alcohol (about 1/2 liter)8
    • Qtips (~200x)9
    • Coffe Filters (~100x)10


  • General Screw Package:11

    • Thumb phillips screws M6 * 6 (10x)
    • hexagon head phillips screws M6 * 6 (25x)
    • Pan head phillips screws M6 * 6 (25x)
    • Steel standoffs screws M3 * 5 + 7 (15x)
    • Brass standoffs screws M3 * 5 + 7 (15x)
    • Phillips flat head coarse thread screws M5 * 10 (15x)
    • Phillips recessed truss head screw M3 * 5 (25x)
    • Phillips recessed truss head screw M3 * 6 (25x)
    • Insulation washers (25x)
  • Extra 6-32 x 1/4" screws (100x)12
  • Internal Fan Screws (4x)13
  • Thumb screw for GPU (1x)14
  • Screws for PSU (4x)15
  • 4 Hand Screws for Tempered Glass Panel16
  • 2 Thumb Screws for Back Panel17


  • PSU Cables18

    • 24pin Mobo Cable (1x)
    • 8pin CPU Cable (2x)
    • 6pin / 2pin Split PCI-e Cable (3x cables, 2 connectors)
    • SATA Cable (3x cables, 4x connectors)
    • Molex Cable (1x cables, 4x connectors)
  • Monitor Cables19

    • Power Cable
    • HDMI Cable
    • Display Port Cable
    • USB 3.0 Upstream Cable
  • Case Cables20

    • Front Panel Audio/Mic Jack Cable
    • Front Panel USB Cable
    • Four Front Panel Button / Lights Cables (+P LED, -P LED, POWER SW, RESET SW)
    • SATA Cable for case lights
  • Fan-to-motherboard cable (attached to fan) (2x)
  • CPU Fan cable (attached to CPU heatsink) (1x)
  • SATA 6Gbs cable (3x)21
  • Ethernet Cable22

Internal Components

  • Case Fans (2x)23
  • Motherboard24
  • CPU25
  • CPU Heatsink26
  • Graphics Card27
  • Ram Stick (2x)28
  • Primary SSD29
  • Backup HDD30
  • SD Card Reader I failed to purchase the right part. I ordered a card reader with the wrong bay size for my case. I will order a simple USB one through my mailing address.

Accessory Parts

Now that we have the full list of parts and where they are located we can map out a plan for building the computer. This is what is done so far:

1. The motherboard is screwed in.
2. The fan on the front-panel side is installed.
3. The CPU is locked into its slot on the motherboard.

The heatsink is currently attached to the CPU, but this was done for storage purposes. It must be unattached to apply the thermal paste.

I will first install all the parts, minus the GPU, then attach all the cables, and then install the GPU.35

0. Preperation (30min)

1. Clean and vacuum desk, setup good lighting, and remove all food/liquids from the premace.
2. Put cups/bins on desk to place screws in.
3. Comb hair and tie it in a bun (I have noticed I have dropped hairs into the case)
4. Charge air blower (Done night before)
5. Open case.
6. Do preliminary cleaning of the case with air blower.

1. CPU Installation (Estimated time: 1hr. The reason for the long time is because I need to make sure I can place the heatsink on the thermal-pasted CPU gracefully by first practicing the process a few times.)

Parts Used: CPU, CPU Heatsink (And later: CPU Power Cable)

First, I will apply thermal paste to the CPU with the one pea sized point method as recommended by Arctic, my thermal paste supplier. Then I will carefully attach the heatsink on top of the thermal pasted CPU.

2. HDD Installation (Estimated time: 10 min)

Parts Used: HDD + 4x Pan head philips M6 * 6 screws (And later: SATA cable to motherboard and PSU SATA Power Cable)

I will take out the mount from the case, and put the HDD in the mount. I will take care to think which of the two locations is the best position for the HDD, and also to consider how the SATA power cable will attach to the PSU as well as how the SATA Data transfer cable will attach to the mobo.

3. SSD Installation (Estimated time: 10 min)

Parts Used: SSD + 4x Phillips recessed truss M3 * 6 screws (And later: SATA cable to motherboard and PSU SATA Power Cable)

I will put the SSD on the bottom slot on the opposite side of the motherboard. Then I will screw it in by inserting the screws from the other side of the case into the SSD. The entry point for the screws can be seen in this picture. (I am using the SSD slot where in the picture 2 of the 4 screw holes are covered by the fan's power cable.) Just like the HDD, I will take care to consider how the two SATA cables will connect.

4. Ram Stick Installation (Estimated time: 4 min)

Parts Used: 2x Ram Sticks

I will carefully plop the two sticks into their slots, in the same place they were when I disassembled the machine.

5. Upper Left Fan Installation (Estimated time: 6 min)

Parts Used: 4x Fan Screws, 1 Fan

I will screw in the fan as positioned in the top left of this picture.

6. Plug Shit In (Estimated time: 20min)

The following cables will be attached more or less in the order listed:

Main 24pin MOBO Power cable
CPU Power Cable
Fan Power Cables (2x)
1 SATA cable from the PSU should connect to the case lights, the SSD, and the HDD.
SATA cables from HDD/SDD to MOBO.
All front panel cables (Audio/Mic Jack, USB cable, Power/Reset Button + LEDs)
PCI-e Power Cable for GPU

6. Graphics Card Installation (Estimated time: 8 min)

Parts Used: Graphics Card + 1 Thumb Screw

I will place the graphics card in the PCIe slot and then screw it in with the thumb screw.

7. Cleanup (Estimated time: 15 min)

1. Zip tie cables together.
2. Clean with compressed air again.
3. Close front and back case.
4. Place built computer under desk.

The next steps, outside the scope of this article, are to plug in the keyboard/mouse/monitor and install Centos + all necessary drivers.

  1. One missing item is the motherboard's IO Shield. This will increase the rate at which my computer collects dust. I was not able to find any shields from a preliminary search. []
  2. Located on floor next to case []
  3. Located on floor next to case []
  4. Located on floor next to case []
  5. Located on nightstand []
  6. Located in PSU Box []
  7. Located on nightstand []
  8. Located under sink in bathroom []
  9. Located under sink in bathroom []
  10. Located in cabinet under coffee machine []
  11. Located on floor next to case []
  12. Located on floor next to case []
  13. Located in parts-box in tupperwear containing fan []
  14. Located in parts-box in tupperwear containing fan []
  15. Located in PSU box in plastic box []
  16. Attached to case []
  17. Attached to case []
  18. Located in PSU box []
  19. Located under monitor or attached to monitor []
  20. Already connected to case []
  21. Located on floor next to case []
  22. Located on desk. []
  23. One located in case another located in tupperwear in parts box []
  24. Already in case []
  25. Already in case []
  26. Already in case []
  27. Located in protective sleeve inside parts-box []
  28. Located in tupperwear in parts box []
  29. Located in box on desk []
  30. Located in box on desk []
  31. Located on desk []
  32. Located on desk under the monitor []
  33. Located on desk under the monitor []
  34. Located under the desk []
  35. GPU Is installed last because it makes it harder/impossible to plug in certain cables. []

Panamá Bien Vestido

January 20th, 2020

While packing my bags for Panama I asked dorion what the gents usually wear to their weekly Junto meeting. I was happy to hear I would finally have a use for the blazer that's been collecting dust in my closet. Dorion told me that anyways he always goes out bien vestido because, "I never know who I'll meet and in a lesser part because it trolls casual 'culture.'" Well his lesser reason seemed a great reason to me. So I arrived at the youth hostel, Selina, with a tie on. I bathed in the indignation and other reactions I got from being decently dressed.

Shortly after arriving, dorion popped in the hostel for a drink. We went to Selina's rooftop which has a great view of the bay and the city's skyline. One of the bartenders working there asked us why we were both so well dressed. She then seated us at a table that had a Reserved card on it. The table was positioned to let us enjoy the nice view, and the bartender sat with us for our first drink. Our conversation floated between Spanish and English; we discussed with her shocking topics such as why the US no es el mejor país.

Later, she took a photo of us.


After we got drinks on the roof of Selina's, Dorion and I went for a walk around Casco Viejo. We ran into a local who had grown up in the town and worked in finance in Chicago. He knew about the various buildings and he had a back and fourth with dorion about the history of the town. I (unintentionally) got a hilarious mug of him in the corner of the picture I took of one of JP Morgan's buildings.


Iglesia de La Merced


American Trade Hotel & Hall


Panama Metropolitan Cathedral


Paseo de Las Bóvedas




I slept in the next morning, exhausted from the previous day of travel.1 Around noon I went on a bike ride on La Cinta Costera - a road that juts out into the bay. The view was nice, but it was hot and at times the smell made me ill.


The city has swings setup under the bridge. Because that's exactly where a parent would want their kids to hang out.


Panama's bay changes drastically with the tide.


After the bike ride I returned to the hostel and then took a cab to meet jfw. We went to the roof of his building and had coffee and beer.2 We chatted about a few topics. While we were discussing his work for tmsr-os, jfw made a statement that stuck with me. He said computing may have left the world of math3 and entered the realm of biology.4 After our chat we walked over to the networking meetup. During the event I met most of the Junto crew that I would be seeing the next day.5 After the event jfw, dorion, and I got a bite at a diner.

Conspiring pageboys


The following morning I went to go see the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal. It was inspiring to see big business taking advantage of a major engineering accomplishment. What would it take to get to the serenity of mind required to see this project to completion?

I was curious about what appeared to be a leak coming out of the corner where the wall of the canal meets one of the gates. You can see what I'm talking about in the picture below. If you know/have a guess why this exists, please comment.


The ship waits patiently.


Gates are closed.


The water level becomes equal in each compartment, a bell rings, and those ~600 ton gates begin to open.


The ship is pulled by trolleys.


The gates begin to close.


The apparent leak from the right compartment to the left compartment continues, even when the left compartment is draining and the right compartment is filling.


The next ship begins to enter.


After my trip to the Miraflores Locks I took another daytime stroll through Casco Viejo and then went long boarding east along the bay.


A daytime shot of the cathedral.


Look at that crystal clear water.6


For dock operating hours, please refer to the moon.


Am I back in NYC?


On the way back from long boarding I saw two siblings I had met at the hostel in a fish market and joined them for some beer and ceviche. The market has a large food court with a decent number of little restaurant fronts. As you walk in the food court all the waiters are calling you to try to get you to sit down at their table. When our waiter went to the bathroom he told us to only speak with his friend while we waited for his return. His request suggested the tables did not belong to individual restaurants and so ostensibly another waiter could swoop by and steal a client.


After ceviche we went to climb up Cerro Ancón, a hill that overlooks the city. I had to turn around before reaching the top so I could get back in time for Junto.

Obligatory flower picture.


A view from ~ half way up the hill.


The below picture is not supposed to be of the vulture. I saw some rodents7 adorably hoping around. You can see two of them in the center of the pic if you look closely.


Some buildings near the Junto meetup. I did not get a photo of El Tornillo,8 the building where the Junto meeting was held.


I had a great time during Junto. Chad gave a nice introduction to music theory. He kept everyone engaged by making the talk a discussion rather than a monologue lecture. He even had us work out exercises from a music theory text book.

Afterwards most of the group went to dinner together. Six of us divided into two teams of 3 to do shared orders. Each squad ordered the same - a plate of cheese fries to start off and then this large meat/rice dish that was basically delicious taco filling. Dorion made an "executive decision" to douse our squadron's pile of food with hot sauce. No complaints.

It was a pleasure to meet jfw and dorion's group. The dinner was a nice mix of laughs and discussions of life goals. Seeing how jfw and dorion make good use of a time with smart individuals serves as motivation to build a similar group of friends here in CR and anywhere else I may go in the future.

  1. My flight on Monday left at 2:30pm. But I had to wake up at 3:45am to get in a cab to Santa Cruz at 4:00am so I could catch the 5:00am bus to San Jose. For future reference: tickets for the bus to San Jose can be purchased at []
  2. I had a coffee and he had a beer. []
  3. Where a complete understanding is the goal. []
  4. Where complexity is too great, and some parts must accepted as black boxes. []
  5. I also made a connection with someone who has available free lance work. I sent him my resume and am currently in conversation with a recruiter. []
  6. Just kidding, it's a blue wall. []
  7. Perhaps they are bunnies, but I'm not sure. []
  8. The Screw []

Spanish Pop Study - An Attempted Translation of Dollar by Becky G and Myke Towers

January 12th, 2020

During my ongoing vacation, I spent 2 hours on a youtube video bender listening to Spanish pop songs. I heard refined music performed by: Becky G, Bad Bunny, Natti Natasha, Ozuna, Rosalia, J. Balvin, Anuel AA, Jhay Cortez, and more. I went from song to song, picking the next video from one of youtube's recommendations. Working through the lyrics supplemented my usual studies1 - grammar exercises and speaking with my older Catholic landlord faltan slang practice. 2

Without further ado, my attempted translation of Dollar by Becky G and Myke Towers :


Becky G begins with the hook, letting Myke Towers know that she is not interested in the words-only-type.

Si tuviera un dólar cada vez (Cada vez)
Que tú me dices que me amas (¡Shoo!)
Estaría tomando té con la reina Isabel (La queen)
No pago mi renta con palabras, no valen nada (Ah)

If I had a dollar each time (each time)
That you told me you love me (shoo!)
I would be drinking tea with Queen Isabel. (The Queen)
I don't pay my rent with words, they're not worth anything.3

Tú tienes fama de picaflor (Pica, pica)
Pero conmigo eso no sirve, mi amor (No)
Tengo entrenado (Ey), el corazón (Corazón)
Y tus promesas no me llaman la atención (¡Shoo, shoo!)

You're known for being a player4 (playa, playa)
But that doesn't serve me, my love (No)
I trained (ey) my heart (heart)
And your promises don't call my attention. (shoo! shoo!)

Les dices lo mismo a las que se te atraviesan
Árbol que nace doblao nunca se endereza
No puedes tenerme (No, no)
No soy una de esas y eso a ti te jode la cabeza

You say the same to the girls who pass by you
A tree born bent never straightens
You can't have me
I'm not one of them, and that fucks with your head

Hook x2

Myke Towers responds to Becky G

Si te pagaran por cada vez que te hablaran
Ya tú fueras billonaria, tu rutina diaria
Seria ignorar todos los babosos
Que te van con la misma labia, los tienes con rabia

If you were paid for each time they talked to you5
You'd already be a billionaire,6 your daily routine
Would be to ignore all the creeps
That come to you with the same talk, you have them mad.

Si cobraras por foto
Hasta Donald Trump pidiera préstamo
Ella los DM no contesta, no
Puso que se separó de su novio
Y el Internet se cayó
Le tiran hasta los que no hablan español

If you were to charge for photos
Even Donald Trump would ask for a loan7
She doesn't answer DMs, no
She posted that she broke up with her boyfriend
And the internet fell down
They thrown themselves at her, even those that don't speak Spanish.

To be continued

  1. I listened to the songs while simultaneously reading the lyrics. A future exercise would be to try to transcribe the song before confirming the lyrics. []
  2. I learned las cinco doce (the 512) refers to Percocet 512, a muscle relaxant. And un picaflor (a hummingbird) is slang for a player. []
  3. The lyrics as reported by Google are "no vale nada" but this is likely incorrect because valer should be conjugated in the plural third person as valen, since it is "las palabras - the words" that are worth nothing. []
  4. Literally: You have the fame of a hummingbird. []
  5. Instead the correct translation may be "If you were paid for each time they talked about you" []
  6. I am uncertain about whether Ya tú fueras billonaria is translated correctly. Fueras is the imperfect subjunctive of "to be" so the line is literally translated to "Already you were (a) billionaire." But this does not make sense. So I chose to translate fueras in the indicative conditional. The point of confusion may be on 'ya'. Ya is loosely translated as "already." But it is really a different time adverb that has no equivalent in English. []
  7. Pidiera is another example of a verb where I'm confused as to why it is conjugated in the subjunctive imperfect. []

Humble Bitcoin Beginnings

January 10th, 2020

I have a vague memory of learning about bitcoin. Of course, at the moment I discovered bitcoin's existence, I did not know how central a role it would play in my life. I heard it was being used to order drugs on the Silk Road to dorms at MIT. I thought that was absolutely awesome, and soon I bought some bitcoins on Coinbase and used them to order a fake ID.1 The coolest part of buying contraband online was the currency that enabled the process. I had always raised an eyebrow at the In God We Trust money system, and this bitcoin thing appeared to have answers to some of my long standing questions. But it seemed just about no one else at MIT gave two shits about bitcoin.

How could this be? Really, I could not find anyone interested in a piece of code that leveraged number and game theory to make people fortunes? Was there another global social economic project consuming an exponentially increasing amount of energy? Was the story of the secret author Satoshi Nakamoto, the Mtgox collapse, and the arrest of Ross Ulbricht not enticing enough? Seriously, what the fuck?

I looked around and found a bitcoin group that met once a week. I attended a few sessions, but the conversation was dull. There was a lot of the, "we don't want to sound like crazy libertarians." and "we're interested in the technology but not the politics." As if there were such a thing as apolitical technology.

I also attended a small presentation at MIT by Gavin Andresen. I had a weak understanding of how the protocol worked, and at the time found his talk informative. But there was one awful habit he had where he would finish explanations with gesticulations while saying "and with some hand-wave hand-wave we get it to work."2

I went to a couple of MIT's annual Bitcoin Expositions. During my attendance I met some of the power ranger cast: Gavin Andresen,3 Andreas Antonopoulos4, James D'angelo,5 Charlie Lee,6 and Peter Todd.7 Fwiw, I found Mr. Todd reasonable. He gave a talk on why Simplified Payment Verification "SPV" wallets are junk.

I also signed up for and then later dropped a class at MIT called "Blockchain Technologies: Decentralize all the Things." As written in my first ever qntra article: If the name didn't give away the cognitively handicapped nature of the material, then the syllabus (archived) should. So yeah, there was not much to see at MIT with regards to bitcoin. Doesn't look like things have changed, either.8

  1. I was 19 at the time, usaschawitz has a 21-year-old age requirement for buying alcohol. []
  2. With some hand-wave hand-wave we make 8GB blocks work. Or with some hand-wave hand-wave we make bitcoin-without-signatures work. Why not? []
  3. Ex head power ranger. []
  4. Popular alctoin shill. []
  5. Charismatic guy who made a Bitcoin 101 series on youtube. []
  6. The Litecoin scammer who worked at Coinbase. []
  7. Power ranger with occasional moments of clarity. []
  8. The mission statement on

    The MIT Bitcoin Club is one of the first blockchain clubs in the world that continuously strives to educate members on the foundation and the latest innovation in blockchain technology. In doing so, we nurture a community of leaders that are passionate about the technology and want to contribute to the atmosphere of students leaders that aim to be at the forefront of the blockchain space. []

Computer Disassembly Notes

January 5th, 2020

The computer's case is divided into three sections. First there is the main room, the spacious center that contains the motherboard.


There is a space below for the PSU.


And there is a gap for routing cables between the mount for the motherboard and the back of the case.


I began disassembling by trying to take out the right fan.


I unplugged its power cable from the motherboard and then went to undo the zip tie that held it to other cables. I tried to properly unlock the zip tie, but after 30 minutes of frustration I just snipped it with scissors.1


Removal of the right fan requires removal of the front panel. But the screws holding in the front panel are over tigthened. When I try to unscrew them I start tearing the grooves in the screw. So I was unable to remove the front panel, and thus left the fan in its spot. I went on to the other fan; I unplugged its power cable from the motherboard and unscrewed its 4 screws.


Next up, the RAM. I laid the computer on its side so that there was no chance of the sticks falling down as I popped them out.


After taking out the RAM I started to unplug everything from the mobo.

First, the main power supply cable.


Then the cables for the front panel lights.2


The front panel cables enter into the main room, exit through the top into the cable storage section, and then enter back again into the main room at a lower point closer to their destination on the motherboard.



Next I unplugged the CPU power supply. The cable entered the main room from the bottom and climbed upwards through a gap in the space between the GPU and the motherboard. The GPU does a good job tucking in the CPU's power cable. I will need to remember to plug in the CPU power cable before installing the GPU, because you cannot pass the head of the cable through the gap between the GPU and the motherboard.


Next I unplugged the cable3 that was connected to the mobo under the GPU.


Then I took out the GPU. There was one thumb screw that attached it to the back panel. After undoing the screw, I popped the GPU out of its slot just like RAM sticks.


The cable on the bottom left was for the audio jacks for the front panel.


Next I unscrewed the PSU. One screw was stuck like the screws in the front panel. But I had to get the PSU out. I used a flat head, and I pressed the screwdriver hard into the bar of the philip's cross with the least dammage. With a lot of normal force I was able to get it to turn. When I took the screw out, I learned that the difficulty came from it being the wrong screw.4


With all the motherboard's cables unpluggged and the PSU removed, I embarked on removing the mighty heat sink. This took some time. There was a lever I had to pull to release the pressure on the latches that hold the heat sink to the mounting bracket. Even once the pressure was released and the latches were unlocked, I had trouble unhooking them. There were various video guides online on how to remove the heat sink, but they all said "it's easy" and then skipped ahead without showing how they unhooked the latches. If you shake the heat sink aggressively you will stumble upon the way the latches unhook. But if you are trying to do the job cautiously, it is not immediately clear how to get them undone. The correct method is to push the latch on one side of the heat sink towards the heat sink so it pushes out the latch on the otherside. Then once you have one side unhooked you pull the heat sink in the other direction.


Next I cleaned off the thermal paste on the heat sink and the CPU. As mentioned in the logs, at first I did not have a solvent to properly remove the thermal paste. I bought 90% ethyl alcohol; I could not find the 99% isopropyl BingoBoingo recommended. I scrubbed and scrubbed forever with cotton swobs and coffee filters.



I cleaned the CPU while it was still locked into the motherboard. There is no better way to have that delicate part held firmly in place. If you spill a drop of solvent on the motherboard you can wait for it to evaporate, no problem. If you dammage a pin on the CPU, you're fucked.

The last step was to unscrew the motherboard. I felt a bit silly doing this. I had no other place to store the mobo, so I knew I was immediately was going to screw it back in. The process took a bit of time, because once again there were problems with some of the screws.


The reflected light on the CPU's pin array was beautiful.5



The stripped case.6


  1. I may have been able to get the zip tie if I had a bobby pin. I was using a screw driver head that was not tiny enough. []
  2. I am not 100% certain of each of these little cable's function. I will have to investigate when I open my computer back up. []
  3. This cable was for the USB slots on the front panel. []
  4. Thank you supplier who shall no longer be named. []
  5. The result of my camera work does not quite capture this. []
  6. Except for that fan... []