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Guitar Practice Log 5 - Pepe Romero Stretches and Basic Shoulder Anatomy

This practice session was done on May 24

I. Warmup

1. Pepe Romero exercises
2. Spidercrawl

II. Music Theory

1. Learn the basic 7th Chords.

III. Technique

1. Tremolo Practice
- Add no guitar "bicycle" technique.
2. Rasgueado Practice
- Try to relax pinky while flexing the ring finger.

IV. New Repertoire

Write out the notes I know so far in the Borree (for memorization)

Next 4 measures in Borree.

V. Play around



I. Warmup (1hr 10 mins)

Notes on exercises:

Always make sure head and neck are relaxed. Do each drill 10 times.

1. Raise hands over head, then bring them hands from the side.

2. Shoulders up, hands up, shoulders down, hands down.

3. Shoulder circles, rotating backwards.

4. Shoulders up, head left to right and back, keeping shoulders up the whole time.1

5. Three part exercise that goes through three shoulder joints:

i. While touching the shoulder joint with the opposite hand, move arm outwards by lifting elbow.
ii. Use shoulder joint to rotate arm out and pull arm back in with palm facing upwards.
iii. Raise elbow while touching glenohumeral joint. Then raise arm while touching Aromioclavicular joint. Then move arm inwards while touching the sternoclavicular joint.

6. Prayer pose, trying to put elbows together.

7. Rotate arms starting with arms out in front with palms facing each other, then lower them and pull them back, lift them back up again with shoulders.

8. Put arms forward and rotate wrists in and out.

9. Contract fingers, relax, flex fingers, relax..

10. Single hand clapping.

11. Extend fingers, wait, relax, repeat (do not extend with max tension.)

12. One hand keeps fingers relax, while other hand knocks them out of position. They naturally return to their relaxed position.

13. Bicycle fingers.

II. Music Theory

- Skipped

III. Technique

Tremolo Practice (20 mins)

-Speed is indeed easy after learning Romero's technique, I need to work on even articulation and steady timing.

Ragueado (40 mins)

IV. New Rep (1 hr)

I didn't do the exercise where I write what I have remembered of the score, in part because it is annoying to write music without having staff paper.

V. Play Around


  1. Notes on Shoulder anatomy:

    The bones of the shoulder are:
    a. Humerus (upper arm bone)
    b. Scapula (shoulder blade)
    i. Acromion - Roof of the shoulder is formed by the Acromion, part of the scapula.
    c. Clavicle (collarbone)

    The joints of the shoulder are (4):
    a. Glenohumeral joint - The main joint formed where the ball of the humerus fits into the scapula. (Shallow socket is called the Glenoid)
    b. Acromioclavicular (AC) joint - Where the Clavicle meets the Acromion
    c. Sternoclavicular (SC) joint - Where the shoulder connects to the main skeleton.
    d. Scapulothoracic joint (false joint)- Shoulderblade glides accross back of rib cage.

    Ligaments - Connect bone to bone.
    Tendons - Connect muscle to bone. Muscles move bone by pulling on tendons.
    Bursa - Water tight sack found in many places of the body between moving surfaces that contains lubricating fluid. []

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