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What I've Been Up To

For the past few weeks I've been occupying my time by surfing, guitarring, and reading.

Poseidon recently blessed the west coast of Costa Rica with a swell that was reported 3m from trough to crest by magicseaweed. Prior to the arrival of this swell I had my best to date "on day" surfing; I managed to sneak my way into 3 front side barrels whilst in a crowded lineup. During the large swell I had two sessions where I managed to avoid being held down. But the last time I paddled out I let the lip of a wave crash on my back, leaving me sore for the next 30 hours.

While not in the water I've been spending a lot of time on the guitar.1 I found myself a maestro, Ruben Diaz, a student of Paco de Lucia who has a youtube channel with over 2,000 videos about playing flamenco guitar. I've been learning some music theory using, and I just began reading The Complete Musician by Laitz.

I've also taken some time on land to read a few plays. I started with Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and Hamlet. Digesting Shakespeare is a bit tricky even though the scripts I read2 have summaries of all the scenes and provide definitions for archaic words/phrases. After reading those two Shakespeare's I moved on to Ibsen3 and read Ghosts, An Enemy of the People, The Lady From the Sea, John Gabriel Borkman, The Wild Duck, and Hedda Gabler. I also read How He Lied to Her Husband by Bernard Shaw. It may be worth writing a little plot summary and a short reflection for these plays lest they fade from memory.

I've been enjoying myself, but I have not been at ease knowing I've been shirking the responsibility I have to focus my time on more important tasks. Three of those are: writing, learning Spanish, and making money.4 If I start acting smarter about how I use my time, I can be productive while still leaving space for my hobbies.

  1. Learning an instrument being one of the better things to do while under house arrest. Not that I've been following the rules here, the beaches are still closed afterall. []
  2. Provided by the Folger Shakespeare Library []
  3. Translated by Rolf Fjelde []
  4. My saltmines faucet has been exhausted and if I want more fiat I'll have to look for more work. []

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