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If you're going to reinvent the wheel, you better learn something

Here at whaacked.com1 the wheel has certainly been reinvented. Instead of choosing the sane option of using Wordpress or another blogging platform,2 I have taken upon myself to write the code for my own website. This gives me a lot of freedom, but implementing the simplest of features are just yet another thing i have to do.

In general, it is quite a bad idea to reinvent the wheel. You are wasting your time and money and your customers time and money. Are you trying to figure out how to rip youtube videos - because you don't even know that youtube-dl exists? Have you built an app whose purpose can be undermined by having the same end goals be accomplished via emails or a shared chat channel?

Reinventing the wheel is a massive time sink, so if you plan to do it it should probably be for the learning experience. Also, don't rewrite your code from scratch. Shoutout to Joel.

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