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A confession of how I waste time

I waste time:

1. Listening to music on youtube. This is of course a pleasurable experience, so it could be considered not a waste of time. Yet I do it when I'm trying to accomplish goals, so it is a distraction. Also sometimes I find myself listening to the same songs I don't even like anymore.

2. Playing the guitar in a way where I'm just reinforcing bad habits. Whenever I'm practicing the guitar by playing it aggressively without reflection This is also another pleasurable experience, but sometimes I just get frustrated and I feel so much more rewarded when I've diligently practiced a new song.

3. Not optimizing my time on how I take care of my basic homeostasis. Sometimes I don't properly plan out simple things - like where I"m going to eat. So I find myself walking back and fourth from my house to the supermarket etc. an unnecessary number of times.

4. I waste time over obsessing about how to respond to certain emails/texts. I care a lot about how I come across and I try to make all my messages "perfect." But sometimes I could find myself spending an absurd amount of time responding to something that is in the long run rather trivial.

5. Derping around on the internet. Sometimes I catch myself on redditesq sites, looking at dumb short attention span entertainment like those old vine videos.

So here is how I plan to fix these issues:

1. Setup a program to modify my hosts file to nullroute youtube when I want to work.

2. Create a list of songs I want to learn and practice on the guitar, and print out the tabs to have at the ready by my guitar so that when I want to play I can have at the ready the materials I need to practice. I could also print out all my guitar exercises from my ancient guitar scroll.

3. Buy more things in bulk, basic stuff like food supplies etc. Also potentially take fifteen minutes or so to create a plan for the day of things I'm going to do so I don't catch myself all of the sudden realizing i need x or y.

4. When I have an email or message that I feel I'm going to waste a lot of time responding to, I should immediately start a timer for 5 minutes or so and rush to finish it in that time.

5. Same as point 1, null route all my distraction sites like, jesus christ.

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