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The preciousness of every minute of life and the reality of opportunity cost

The time you have left on this Earth moves in only one direction, down. Each minute that you spend doing something is a minute you spend not doing something else. Even if what you're doing is productive, is it as productive as it can be? Even if what you're doing is fun, is it as fun as it can be?

Time on the Earth is monotonically decreasing, but chances are you're still going to be here next year. Billions of years of evolution has gotten one thing right - the ability to keep yourself alive. When you realize you're not dead yet in a year, are you going to have something to show for from the previous year?

There's no pause button on the great play of life. You may be able to get away from it all for short periods of time while you're sleeping, but just because you're not on stage doesn't mean the show doesn't go on.

Each second you spend doing the bullshit it is you do with your time is a second you can never get back.

You got drunk at the bar and woke up sick the next morning? You sat around and watched Netflix all day? You blew some air out of your nose as you watched some cats attack each other on the internet? Well, I sure hope you enjoyed yourself.

If you move intelligently and efficiently through the universe and you will feel like your gliding. If you figure out how to cut the time you waste in half three times in a row, you will get to live eight lives. Four times, and you will live the equivalent of sixteen lives. It keeps getting more difficult, but the rewards get greater and greater.

To realize what you can achieve you must first come to terms with what you have failed to achieve, and can no longer ever achieve. Didn't practice soccer diligently since you were five? We won't be seeing you in the world cup. Didn't study hard in high school? You will never be a great academic, the great ones are already way ahead of you and they're not planning on giving up their lead.

Only once you've seen how you've failed to use your time wisely and have embraced the severe consequences you have already suffered can you begin to fix your problems. Imagine where you could be today if you had begun ten years ago, and then imagine where you can be in ten years.

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