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Spanish Practice Log 8, July 1st 2020 - Ordinales

I. Read About the Surfing President + Continue La Buena Suerte (30 mins)

II. Que Bien Suena (30 mins)


Articulo de Surf:

Me dolía hasta el apellido -

me saqué las ganas -

destacarse - to stand out / pull head / show up

toque de queda - curfiew

decretar - to decree

una encuesta - a poll

La Buena Suerte:

empeño - endeavor


Ordinals match the nouns they modify in gender and number.

1st = primero (when before masculine singular noun, primer i.e: el primer presidente)
2nd = segundo
3rd = tercero (when before masculine singular noun, tercer i.e: el tercer capítulo)
4th = cuarto
5th = quinto
6th = sexto
7th = séptimo
8th = octavo
9th = noveno
10th = décimo

Teen numbers are written as a single word, formed with the formula:

décimo + ordinal between primero and noveno

11th = decimoprimero (undécimo)
12th = decimosegundo (duodécimo)
13th = decimotercero
14th = decimocuarto
15th = decimoquinto
16th = decimosexto
17th = decimoséptimo
18th = decimotavo*
19th = decimonoveno

Ordinal Numbers Divisible By 10

20th = vigésimo
30th = trigésimo
40th = cuadragésimo
50th = quincuagésimo
60th = sexagésimo
70th = septuagésimo
80th = octogésimo
90th = nonagésimo

Ordinal Numbers Between 20th and 99th

base number (divisible by 10) + ordinal number between primero and noveno

21st = vigésimo primero
36th = trigésimo sexto
99th = nonagésimo noveno

Ordinal Numbers Divisible By 100

100th = centésimo
200th = ducentésimo
300th = tricentésimo
400th = cuadringentésimo
500th = quingentésimo
600th = sexcentésimo
700th = septingentésimo
800th = octingentésimo
900th = noningentésimo
100th = milésimo

Ordinal Numbers Between 101 and 999

For ordinal numbers between 101 and 999, write out each successive ordinal number as a separate word.

482nd = cuadringentésimo octogésimo segundo

177th = centésimo septuagésimo séptimo

II. Qué Bien Suena

Ex. On pages 29-30.

Paragraph divided in syllables.

Mien-tras es-ta-ba en co-le-gio me gus-ta-ba ju-gar a fút-bol. Aun-que me gus-tó ju-gar a fút-bol on-ce, te-ní-a mas más suer-te con fút-sol, un tí-po de fút-bol con cin-co ju-ga-do-res por ca-da la-do. Ju-gué en u-na li-ga con mis me-jo-res a-mi-gos de la es-cue-la. Ju-gá-ba-mos to-dos los sá-ba-dos y des-pus de los par-ti-dos í-ba-mos a mi ca-sa a pa-sar la tar-de.

Poem words divided:

1. cer-ca
2. o-ca-so
3. ben-di-go
4. por-que
5. nun-ca
6. dis-te
7. es-per-an-za
8. fa-lli-da
9. in-jus-tos
10. in-mer-e-ci-da
11. ar-qui-tec-to
12. des-ti-no
13. ex-tra-je
14. sa-bro-sas
15. di-jis-te
16. e-ter-no
17. no-ches
18. san-ta-men-te
19. es-ta-mos

Diptongo Notes (To be continued...)

i y u son las vocáles débiles.


11:00AM: Start Reading Article + La Buena Suerte- Wound up writing out notes for ordinals.
11:38AM: Start Reading Qué Bien Suena
12:07PM: Finish

3 Responses to “Spanish Practice Log 8, July 1st 2020 - Ordinales”

  1. Aaron Rogier says:

    A couple fill ins to the best I understand them:

    Me dolía hasta el apellido - He was so transcandentally sore from having taken six months off before this outing that not only his body was sore, the soreness extended beyond his body to his last name.

    me saqué las ganas - The outing relieved his cravings to catch some waves. When you have the ganas, you have the craving or the urge to do something. Literally, he satisfied his urge.

  2. Aaron Rogier says:

    Or I suppose most literally: "I took out the urge"

  3. whaack says:

    I had a hunch that "me dolia hasta el apellido" meant something along the lines of what you wrote. In Guanacaste they have a local expression "estoy hasta la picha" which means "i'm shitfaced" (from being drunk.)

    Thanks for the translations!

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