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Guitar Practice Log 13

June 9th

I. Warmup

Tension + Relaxation + Lats Exercise from "Muscle Control"


II. Music Theory

51bpm 2nbp Major scales open fingering

III. Technique

1. Work on discovering resting position of tremolo.

2. Tirando + Apoyando drills.

3. Rasgueado

IV. New Repertoire



I. Warmup (17 mins)

Still struggling with isolation of lats.

II. Music Theory (2- mins - TODO Review B Major / g# minor)
- Review relative minor memorization

III. Technique (30 mins)

Tremolo seems to be at a standstill - it seems that my nails are a problem.

For the first time ever, it seemed like my rasgueado rolled!!! The trick was to attack the strings at a dramatic angle so that my fingers in resting position are poised to strike.


(15 mins - i seem stumped on this piece.)

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