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Guitar Practice Log 2

I. Warmup (70bpm)
1. (RH) String Crossing - Alternative m & a up and down 6 strings 4x per string, 3x, 2x, 1x...
2. (LH) Spider crawl over whole neck
3. (LH) Chromatic scale in first position. Pay attention to pinky legato.

II. Music Theory
1. Play B Major in open position.

III. Technique Development
1. Picado 51bpm 2npb open position C,D,G,A,E,F,B Major Scales (w/ passing note except for B Major)
2. Tremolo PAMI
- 60 bpm Legato
- Rotate accent (P, A, M, I, No Accent)
- 60 bpm Sticatto
- 60 bpm Ascending / Descending thumb.
3. Double Notes (Rest stroke with thumb + free stroke with fingers)

IV. New Repertoire
1. Go over Bourree by Bach first 15 measures.

V. Repertoire Review
While paying close attention to dynamics:

1. Etude in C Major
2. Mauro Giuliani C Major Piece


Review of Session (Total Time: 1hr 25 mins)

I. Warmup: (Total: 10 mins)

String Cross - had trouble with getting loud sound with a finger; had trouble keeping nail/flesh even between fingers. (5 mins)
Spider Crawl + Chromatic Scale (5 mins)
(Almost had pinky legato down, tomorrow I should focus just on pinky placement)

II. Music Theory: (Total: 6 mins)

Learned B Major in open position, fingerings are:

024 / 124 / 124 / 134 / 24 / 024

Made a few errors, keep practicing at same bpm.

III. Technique Development (Total: 20 mins)

Picado on C,D,G,A,E,F,B Major Scales (5 mins)
Few mistakes, keep practicing at same bpm.
Tomorrow play in Circle of Fifths Order: F, C, G, D, A, E, B

Tremolo (15 mins)

Didn't seem to improve from first session, if anything it seemed like I did worse. I have a hunch I need to fix my nails. Bad nail shape might lead me to practicing with the wrong form. I sent an email to a potential teacher to take a look.

I skipped practicing Double Notes in the interest of time.

IV. New Repertoire: (40 mins)

I still wasted a lot of time from fatigue / hunger / boredom.

One thing I did well was noting on my score the places where I make mistakes and focusing only on those spots. I need to do this immediately.

Repertoire Review: (10 mins)

Quite a flop, I received a message on my phone and let myself break concentration and lost myself in a piece. Phone needs to be off while practicing.

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