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Vivid dreams are one of the most beautiful aspects of living. I go to sleep every night1 knowing that I have a chance to have an experience akin to an acid trip.

This is not my first nightmare since I started _actually_ dreaming. But it had one moment that was so creepy and disturbing that it surpassed the realm of fear into the realm of beauty and awe.

The nightmare was long and involved, and I don't quite remember the storyline. What I do remember was there was some conflict between two groups of two people, and one person from one group set out to kill one from the other. The victim was sitting in a parked car, on a dark street near my high school. He was not paying attention, when all of the sudden his brains were blown out by a bullet that went through the driver's seat window.

My perspective was from ~5 meters outside the car looking into the driver's seat window at my friend. The bullet had gone straight through the center, leaving the pane of glass intact. But it was difficult to see my dead buddy, since the window had lost most of its transparency due to the cracks branching in all directions from the bullet hole.

The image of my dead friend through the cracked window then slowly began to morph. The window started slowly swirling counter clockwise, turning into a large eyeball as it spiraled. The bullet hole became the pupil, the white cracks the sclera. And the blood from my friend became red veins going every which way.

After a few seconds of morphing, the image froze on the completed transformation. The large eyeball stared at me in all of its magnificent horror.

  1. To do this I gave up smoking weed and started writing down my dreams []

2 Responses to “Nightmare”

  1. funkenstein says:

    Was it an animal eye or something more allien? Reptilian or Capra? Cubra cabre? Or perhaps not fear inspiring at all? Nice to stumblle across your blog. Pura vida and greetings form China --

  2. whaack says:

    Great to hear from you funkenstein. Invest a day or two to recover your blog :) The eye was not reptilian nor human exactly. It was large and spherical instead of having the normal elliptical cross section. And upon further reflection - yes it was not that fearful. It had an inquisitive look about it. I felt like it was my eye looking at me through the mirror and not being so impressed with what it saw.

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