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Guitar Practice Log 11 - Gypsy Jazz Links

June 7th (I believe)

I. Warmup

Tension + Relaxation + Lats Exercise from "Muscle Control"

II. Music Theory

Read Complete Musician Point about Intervals and rhythm. Do fretboard interval exercises.

Learn Gypsy Jazz Chords "Ring+Chuck"

III. Technique

Tirando + Apoyando Drills from The Path To Virtuosity.

IV. New Repertoire

Continue work in Bourree.

V. Freeplay

== Review

I. Warmup (30 min)

- I think I am starting to understand how to control my lats.

II. Music Theory (30 mins)

Just did Gipsy Jazz, it was quite difficult.

III. Technique (Did not time)

It seems the string should only be plucked with the nail, although the flesh rests on the string before plucking.

IV. New Repertoire (Did not time)

I should isolate right hand and left hand, and work one measure at a time.

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