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Spanish Pop Study - An Attempted Translation of Dollar by Becky G and Myke Towers - Part 2

Continued from part 1

Yo sé que hay muchos en fila
Y que te cansaron las mentiras, deja que el destino decida
Tú estás por encima, siempre por mi mente desfilas
No hay otra parecida, que tú eres única
La foto viral a la que la haces pública
Vámonos de vacaciones pa' la República
Con una como tú uno lo que quiere es turistear,
Pero ella me tumba el plan
Myke Towers, baby

I know that there are many in line
And that they tire you with lies, let fate decide1
You are on top, you always run through my mind
There's no one similar, you are unique
The viral foto is that which you make public2
Let's go on vacation to the (Dominican) Republic
With someone like you the desire is to travel3
But she owns my plan
Myke Towers, baby

Hook x1

Becky G responds

No me pongas esa cara
Con esos ojitos no me vas a convencer
Sabes que mi amor es caro
Si lo quieres, tú tienes que trabajar por el (Por fa', eh)
Si te dijo que me bajes el cielo (Ey), me lo bajas entero (¡Wuh!)
Si te dijo que vengas, me traigas hasta el mar (Rrr), cruza los 7 mares (Ah ah)
Así es que se hacen las cosas con esta muchacha
Quiero más acción y menos blah-blah

Don't put on that face
With those little eyes you're not going to convince me.
You know my love is expensive.
If you want it, you have to work for it (Please, eh)
If I tell you to lower the sky, (ey) you lower it all the way (wuh)
If I tell you to come, you carry me to the sea, (Rrr) across the 7 seas (ah ah)
That's how things are done with this girl
I want more action and less blah-blah.

Hook x2

Luian (Yeah yeah yeah)
¡Mambo Kingz! (Jajaja)
Myke Towers, baby

Every Spanish pop song seems to end with some promotional shoutouts.

  1. Or literally, "let destiny decide" []
  2. Another translation says, "The viral photo you make public" . I am doubting both translations. I am unsure of what Myke Towers is trying to say here. []
  3. Another translation says, "with a girl like you, what you want is to be a tourist." From my first understanding, it is ambiguous whether the subject of querer (to want) is the third person or second person formal. However upon further examination I believe that its conjugation is meant to be in the second person formal. There is no context for a third person here. []

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