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Final Selected Parts For My First Computer

After previously picking parts for my computer I discovered bestcomputersa's list of items on their website was completely incosistent with their actual stock. diana_coman decided the best option for me was to follow my original plan of ordering parts from the states. But the day before I gave up sourcing from Costa Rican stores, the rep from pcgamingcr responded to messages I had sent him a few days prior. After that initial delayed reply, he was constitently responsive through Whatsapp. Pcgamingcr had the coveted AMD FX-8350 with compatible motherboards and video cards. I managed to order everything I needed1 from them and cococo. The guts of the computer cost $1,123. The I/O devices and accessories totaled $1,259 bringing the final cost to $2,382. The items I bought are listed below.2

I. Guts

CPU AMD FX-8350 (CPU/MB/VC combo = 273mil, $486)
Motherboard GA-970A-UD3P (rev 2) (see CPU)
Graphics Card Radeon RX-550 Sapphire (see CPU)
RAM 2x Corsaair vengeance 8GB ddr memory 1600 MHz (89mil, $158)
PSU Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 850 (95mil, $169)
Primary SSD 1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD ($140)
Backup Mechnical Drive 64MB 1TB Seagate Barracuda (30mil, $53)
Case Corsair Carbide Spec 06 (58mil, $103)
SD Card Reader Lector de Memoria Interno Xtech3 (8mil, $14)

II. I/O + Accessories

Monitor Dell 24 Monitor: P2419H (166.5mil, $292)
Keyboard Ergodox. ($325)4
Mouse Marvo Scorpion5 (24mil, $43)
UPS UPS APC SMT15006 (319.5 mil, $569)
Thermal Paste 4x 2g Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste ($30)

  1. Save the Samsung SSD and thermal paste that thimbronion graciously offered to bring from the states + the ergodox keyboard. []
  2. Prices are listed as (colones, usd) with an exchange rate of 562 colones to the usd. If I bought the item with usd directly then I list only the usd price. []
  3. I could not find a link to the spec details on xtech's website. It can read USB, SD, Micro SD, XD, MMC. I am not quite sure what an XD or MMC is. []
  4. In addition I expect to pay a yet unknown import tax. []
  5. Pcgamingcr did not tell me the exact model of mouse, I was looking only for a cheap option. The mouse came with a keyboard I can use while I wait for my fancy Ergodox to get here from Taiwan. []
  6. Recommended Replacement Batteries - Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Battery []

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