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Candidate components for whaack's first build

Below is the prospective parts list for the machine I intend to use as my work station. To produce this list I first read through kitchentablecomputer's "Computer Parts" section. After reading the various buying guides, I started picking components based around the processor from the machine on which diana_coman installed cuntoo. The parts also had to be available on bestcomputersa. Once I made my list I checked the other store recommended by handbot,, for better options for the various parts. I only made one change: I replaced my ₡147,500.00 480GB Kingston SSD with a $140 1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD + a ₡36,500.00 1TB Seagate Barracuda mechnical backup hard drive1 The price for all the guts (not including S+H, taxes, etc.) comes out to ₡623,500.00 + $140 , ~ $1215.

Further work includes making a buy list for I/O devices,2 miscellaneous parts,3 and building tools.4


₡ 142,500.00

Amd Am3 Fx8350, spec


₡ 64,500.00

Gigabyte Ga-970A-Ds3P, spec


₡ 44,000.00 x2

Corsaair vengeance 8GB ddr memory 1600 MHz x2, spec

Graphics Card

₡ 120,500.00

GTX 750ti ddr5 4GB, spec

Hard Drive

$ 139.99

1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD

Backup Internal Mechanical Hard Drive:

₡ 36.500,00
DD 1TB Seagate Barracuda SATA 64MB 3.5 7200RPM


₡ 115,000.00

Corsair RM850x plus gold, spec

Cooling 7

₡ 12,500.00

Corsaair-fan-air-series-af120, spec

Case 8

₡ 44,000.00

Corsair RED LED Mid Tower Gaming Case, spec

  1. It was coincidence that the best SSD option I found for myself is the same SSD diana_coman used in her machine. The Seagate Barracuda is a mechnical drive, which should have been obvious given the specs I listed. []
  2. Most notably the monitor []
  3. Such as an ethernet cable []
  4. Such as a screwdriver set and an anti-static device. []
  5. ATX Form Factor; 30.5cm x 21.5cm.

    Note: I have to confirm with bestcomputersa the version of the BIOS is from post 2013, otherwise the motherboard will not support the FX-8350. []

  6. I need to check this fully modular PSU comes with a sufficient number of the correct cables to connect to every power drawing component I have. []
  7. I still need to find thermal paste. []
  8. 447mm x 200mm x 428mm []

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