Very Secure

Waves and Women

Are breathtaking energies that create chaos wherever they appear.
Their lips and curves draw in men and cause war between them.
The men, enamored by these beautiful forms, fight for one goal:
To be inside and last as long as possible.

But oh, how difficult the task is!
These ephemeral beauties are found on beaches all over the world.
But despite their abundance, they remain elusive.
Why is this so?

The common man trembles in their presence.
The more perfect they are, the more he fears them.
Should he approach them, he does so timidly.
And oh the fury that awaits him for a half-hearted attempt...

For in failing to get inside, he is humiliated.
He is smacked in the face and left disoriented.
Whether he is alone or in company he suffers greatly all the same.
Albeit in different flavors.

If he is in company, he offers an amusing spectacle for his audience.
And his public inadequacy encourages future theft.
If his failure occurs while alone, his soul suffers.
For he was free from competition.
The best opportunity, yet he still failed.

Some men, on the other hand, glide inside with ease.
They confidently and assertively present themselves.
Sure, they are slapped now and then, perhaps even more so than others.
But intermittent failures do not alter their composure.
And they oft experience those few electrifying seconds of ecstasy.

They travel all over the world, getting inside again and again.
The rare breed is rewarded with delicious pleasure.
The objects of their infatuation, soaking wet, engulf these men with love.
And sometimes go as far to spit all over them.
An act of devilish, rapturous desire.

Such is the way of life.
None for most, much for the few.
And when it comes to the differences
between man's pursuit of waves and man's pursuit of women.
There is only one.

And that is who gets the big ones!

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