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Trbexplorer Genesis Release

UPDATE: Known Bugs

Please read the log and apply the fixes mentioned if you would like to start scanning before I publish the vpatch. Thanks to billymg for catching these.


The genesis of trbexplorer and the corresponding sig can now be found on my codeshelf:

trbexplorer codeshelf page

While the program is a modification of the online component to jfw's Gales Bitcoin Wallet, the scope of the project has changed enough that I thought it proper to regenesis instead of apply a vpatch on top of his work.

In order to run trbexplorer, I recommend you have a 2 TB SSD. At the time of writing, the amount of disk space used on my machine hosting is 948GB.

Indexing the trb blockchain took my machine hosted on asciilifeform's rack roughly 4 months. If you want to run trbexplorer and you don't even have a trb node sync'd, you're looking at roughly 6-10 months of total sync time depending on your hardware.1 So start syncing today.

UPDATE: billymg reported that his trbexplorer took only 12 days to index his fully sync'd node on an FX-8350 AMD processor w/ an SSD.

  1. My machine has 4GB of RAM, a 1 GHz Processor - AMD GX-412TC SOC, and 2TB of storage on an SSD []

4 Responses to “Trbexplorer Genesis Release”

  1. 4+mo. is quite outrageous IMHO. I'd say "cement" is worth considering in light of this.

  2. whaack says:


    Yes, summarizing form the chat in the logs: there are 2 processes that take forever.

    (1) Trb's sync from the outside world
    (2) trbexplorer's sync from trb.

    You're proposing a solution to (1)

  3. @whaack correct. (I have not had a chance to look into trbexplorer's sync per se.)

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