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A new potential injury, this time knee joint problems

Preventing an injury is easier than fixing an injury, and thus I'm logging my first instance of mild pain in my knee joint.1 I felt the pain after 3 hours of surfing Playa Negra and then spending another hour on a carver.2 I am fairly certain that the pain is coming from having poor technique while I was practicing new moves on the surf skate. I was compressing and torquing to get sharp bottom turns.

I found a random video on youtube of one guy who evidently went through the trouble of constructing a model of the knee so as to better understand how to fix the same problem as I am having now. So I'll leave it here for my future reference.

One piece of advice that I've now received from two athletes regarding injuries in small joints/tendons is to focus on making those smaller muscles very strong. So next on the to-do list is to figure out a series of workouts I can do to improve my knee joint strength as well as my wrist strength.

  1. Maybe I had some pain before, but I never logged it so idk! Do you have a super good memory, or are you also forgetting things because you don't write them down on your blog? Do you have a blog? A journal? []
  2. Carver is a brand of skateboards used for practicing surf technique. []

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  1. whaack says:

    Knee pain went away after about 2 hours, and I had no knee trouble while surfing today.

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