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My blog has been in a coma, but it shall not die until I do. Why not break the silence with a (maybe not so) far-fetched business idea? A blog is a journal for thoughts, after all.

So the other day my friend mentioned how he simply could not get his mind off of thinking of projects related to drones.1 He reminded me that, while consumer drones are usually controlled by NFC means, drones can be controlled from across the globe.2 This got me thinking that there may be room in this world for a company to provide... drone tours!

The Drone Tour Company would go to various iconic and picturesque sites and setup "drone stations." These stations would consist of a place for the drones to charge and an internet-connected tower that could communicate with drones in a given radius. The Drone Tour Company would provide software for customers that allows them to control a drone located at any one of the various stations. Customers would pay a fee (and a deposit, lest the company lose all its money due to crashed drones) to take a drone for a spin for some allotted amount of time.

Imagine giving yourself a tour through fjords and canyons, over pyramids and volcanoes, and in the sea3 through kelp beds and coral reef - all in a couple of hours from your own home.

  1. The newer models of those little flyin' buggers are pretty nifty. Like bitcoin, drones fall under the category of actually interesting technology (as opposed to any and all "smart" phone apps) that our generation is the first to experience. []
  2. Although long distance droning means having to deal with some 100-300ms lag both when receiving the video feed and giving piloting commands []
  3. There are aquatic drones too! []

4 Responses to “Drone Tours”

  1. How's it feel to be back from the coma ? Are you going to test this out in Guanacaste ? Cheers !

  2. Adam Thorsen says:

    Have you ever used a drone via a VR headset? I just got one have been thoroughly enjoying it. VR drone tour might be interesting to try.

  3. whaack says:

    It feels great to write a little article again; I was partially inspired by nice photos of golf courses. Hopefully I'll keep the momentum.

    No plans to implement any drone ideas myself atm. If I were to use one it would most likely be to get some good surfing footage.

  4. whaack says:


    I have not tried it, and my intuition was that the VR headset would give people literal headaches. (First time I tried VR in 2012 I found it pretty uncomfortable.) But if it works for you, maybe the tech is better nowadays.

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