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Spanish Study Log 12, July 7th 2020

I. Read La Buena Suerte (30mins)

II. Read Que Bien Suena (30mins)


I. Vocab

vaya paradoja - What a paradox
un cosquilleo en el tobillo - a tickle in the ankle
una brizna - a blade (of a tree, I believe)
rozar - to touch
los osados - the daring
cotidiano - que ocurre, se hace o se repite todos los dias.

II. Notes

La "g" dura en espanol puede escribir con solo "g" o "gu"

guedeja [ge.dé.xa]
guillermo [gi.jé]
juegue [xwé.ge]

If you are going to pronounce the u after a g you need an umlaut:

güero [gwé.ro]
güira [gwí.ra]
averigüé [é] (I found out)

Or if the gu is followed by something that is not e or i:

guantanamera [gwan-ta-na-mé-ra]
antiguo [an-tí-gwo]

gemir [xe.mír]
gitano []
Argentina [ar.xen.tí.na]

jornada [xor.ná.da]
jujuy [xu.xwí]

Page 69 has a list of notes on fonetic symbols for Spanish.

(Finished at page 70.)

I have a lot of exercise debt.


6:05PM Begin Reading
6:23PM Begin translating (finished book)
6:25PM Begin reading Que Bien Suena
6:54PM Finished.

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