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Guitar Practice Log 9

This practice was done on June 2, 2020

I. Warmup

Spidercrawl (Focus on not looking at fret)
String Crossing (M & A)

II. Music Theory

Dorion Mode and Mixolydian Mode Scales - M&A Exchanges.

III. Technique

Thumb climb, keeping hand still.

IV. New Repertoire

Continue work on Bourree.



I. Warmup (15 min) - Still struggling with tirando with m&a.

II. Music Theory (15 mins)

I learned a scale for the Mixolydian and Dorion Mode.

I should review this again to get it to stick to memory:

III. Technique. (30 mins)

Right hand was fatigued so I stopped the practiced early, but tremolo is coming along smoothly. working on m&a independence seems to be helping a lot.

IV. New Repertoire


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