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Learning The Linux Command Line

Knowledge of the linux command line lets one write powerful, concise programs. Every time one learns a command, they acquire a new tool for solving certain types of problems. Individual commands can then be used as well understood components in larger programs. Creating these programs is done via piping, a syntax that feeds the output of one command into the input of another. With piping, the benefit of using the command line increases combinatorically in relation to the number of commands one masters.

Following the footsteps of others, I have set a goal to improve my ability to wield the weapons the command line offers. I aim to learn one command per week starting with curl, awk, sed, and grep. Learning individual commands will be supplemented with reading a text that provides a holistic understanding of the command line. I will publish annotations of the programs I write1 for review on ztkfg.

  1. Along with annotations of others' programs []

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