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Finding Meaning in a Deterministic World (Part 4)

Continued from part 3.

The best shot at finding one's way is through submission to a worthy master. Left alone, one is destined to explore paths that lead to nowhere. Only through following the instructions of someone who knows which branches to follow and which to avoid can one move efficiently towards a goal. Thus, in a quest for some notion of individuality I have wound up on my knees.

The process of submitting to diana_coman and joining young hands began when I announced my plans in channel to move to Costa Rica and start doing something with my life. My message was not directed to her, but diana_coman congratulated me and asked what I had been working on. To which I had to respond ~ "nothing." She invited me to #ossasepia1 and advised me to switch my attitude from "I can start helping" to "I'll ask for help and do what I'm asked to do, today."

Speaking with diana_coman, which started on September 11th and has continued to the present, has changed my view of the people who comprise2 TMSR. I did not have a full appreciation of her mental prowess until we had a few back and fourths. Her ability to parse my own words better than I could myself and quickly reply to messages with meaningful responses is something I could not have understood by just reading her blog. Having gained tremendous respect for diana_coman, I also readjusted my opinion of the other lords.3

Shortly after speaking with diana_coman, I submitted to her and joined young hands. I don't recall the exact moment I pledged because it felt only a formality. From the moment I begun conversing with diana_coman, I was following her advice.4 She helped me make important decisions that affect me to this day. For example, before I pledged diana_coman motivated me to be more systematic in my search for a place to live in Guanacaste and make more out of my trip to Japan and Korea by assigning me to document the journey.5

Diana Coman played her hand first and made it in my best interest to submit to her. It is my duty to return the favor and make it in her best interest to remain my master. I started with doubts on my ability to do the later, but respect for myself and diana_coman6 has calmed those worries. I'm grateful for the way my interest in bitcoin helped me find a way to agency7 via the unexpected path of submission to diana_coman's judgement.

  1. Technically to #spyked as well. []
  2. I incorrectly wrote the word comprise as compromise when I published this article. []
  3. When I was passively reading the logs, I the ridiculous notion that the lords who didn't speak much in #trilema didn't do much either. Gotta watch out for the quiet ones. []
  4. Well, Will's "surprisingly" convenient interpretation of her advice. []
  5. With a great camera, too! []
  6. Respecting your master means respecting their ability to choose their pages. []
  7. And thus meaning. []

3 Responses to “Finding Meaning in a Deterministic World (Part 4)”

  1. Diana Coman says:

    What a thing with that 9/11, I hadn't even realised, had to go back and look at the dates!

    As to the "quiet ones", here's something from back in 2016 when I say that I'll likely be the quiet type of lord at least for a while and even further back in 2014, where 1. I state it as such that indeed, I don't talk much indeed and 2. there's the discussion of a bit of text-mining of chan logs that I indulged in with the result that "top" - when you look at "how much talk they do" came...'nubbins. That being said, there's talk and there's noise, there's busy-quiet and there's clueless-quiet, of course.

    Ability you have plenty, it's just a matter of making the most of it!

  2. whaack says:

    Aha I hadn't realized the date either until I checked the logs while writing this article.

    And re ability, thank you!

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