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Finding Meaning in a Deterministic World (Part 3)

Continued from part 2.

Men have agency, but they pay a price for every wrong decision. What, is one going to act irrationally to prove to themselves they have free will? No, despite having agency men must try to make the right turn at every juncture. That is the meaning of life, to come up with the best move for each proposed game as you walk along destiny's path.

Which games to play and which to ignore? This is the most important question in the world. The first game to play is obvious. It is the game of physical health. To be lazy about the maintenance of one's own body is a deep moral failure.1 No matter what you decide to do it always pays to be well fed and well rested.

The next game to play is loosely titled ~ take the bitcoins2 from the USG and put them in the hands of The Most Serene Republic. Yes, of all the things one could do with their life I see no wiser choice than to partake in a variant of this game. Not only does playing pay out handsomely,3 but the act helps kill the cancerous state.

Having a general notion of this game, but not knowing who or what comprised TMSR, I wandered into a chat channel4 with men having conversation that demonstrated they had a better understanding of everything. regarding bitcoin. I went in and out of the channel, making a few interactions and reading the logs, but I never engaged fully for reasons that can be summarized with the words cowardice and vanity. I was intimidated5 by those who understood this game far better than me and feared the work required to play.

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  1. This is my memory of a quote from trilema about fat people, but I am unable to find the link to the source. []
  2. The value created by collectively collecting bitcoins is a fine example of how people create meaning. Without self conscious entities being the ones firing transactions, bitcoin would just be a set of gas molecules playing out a process. []
  3. Provided you can safely keep a bitstring a secret. Not an easy task! []
  4. We are jumping back in time to late 2014 / early 2015. []
  5. I incorrectly wrote the word intimidated as intimated when I published this article. []

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