Very Secure

Views from Junqui

Home security system, false alarms are frequent.

Hibiscus grows everywhere here and comes in red, pink, and white.

Tide pools found in these rocks serve as a nice Jacuzzi.

This is quite a tiny flower.

Every princess has their holes.

Tired from surfing? Help yourself to a coconut before you hop in the Jacuzzi.

Rumor has it a crocodile lives here.

Refraction caused by these rocks is what makes Playa Junquillal a surf spot.

The lines in the sand are drawn by a little slug creature I call the Jackson Pollock bug.

The leftmost tree is the landmark for the entrance to casa whaack.

And finally, the view from my balcony.

13 Responses to “Views from Junqui”

  1. Diana Coman says:

    Quite beautiful indeed, good for you.

    Even princesses' holes have references though (and I'll leave to you the precise referencing of the relevant... bit).

  2. Diana Coman says:

    Hm, that link got messed up above (lack of http I suppose) so let's see again: princess holes.

  3. whaack says:

    Why thank you, the proper link for the reference is now included!

  4. Ah, Guanacaste. Thanks god you bought on the Pacific side, I was worried for a moment there.

  5. whaack says:

    Not bought, I am renting this place for a year. It is a studio apartment on top of a home inhabited by a married tico couple.

  6. Of Course says:

    We moved down there five years ago, it's been a wild ride. When's your re-assignment surgery?

  7. whaack says:

    @Of Course

    You waste your own time more than you waste the time of others.

  8. billymg says:

    Wow, you are right on the water! Looks very peaceful, I'm sure it's a relief to have it all sorted out finally.

  9. whaack says:


    Quite relaxing here, it's easy to fall asleep with the constant sound of the waves. And yes it's a huge relief to have (most of) the work of moving done. Here's to you feeling that relief in January!

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