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Silicon Valley companies refuse to create APIs for their customers

Many SV companies have an issue of thinking that all of their customers would never want to interface with their product through code they wrote themselves. It is quite frustrating to always be forced to use their products through a GUI.

Take AirBNB for example. What I want from AirBNB is a get request endpoint that takes params:






optional: max-price

optional: num-bedrooms


When I make the get request with the params i should get an array of available places.

Of course they already have something like this behind the scenes, as there is no other way the website could possibly work. But they obfuscate the api from the user. Perhaps the reason they do not publish an api is because they want to be able to feel that they can update their api without having to worry about breaking other people's code. ...Or some companies do not want anyone to be able to easily index their database.

Both the Apollo Music Project and Zylon will be built with an api that is documented and readily available for the user.

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