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A new payment model for content creators

Once the bits have been published to the public, it is very hard to prevent them from being copying. If you write a book, it will eventually appear on or some other book hosting site. If you create a video, it's only a matter of time before it's on the pirate bay. So if you're a content creator and you do private sales to individuals, eventually one of those individuals leaks the content to the world.

So I suggest a new payment model. A content creator creates a video, and puts up a public address with a target amount of payment to receive (let's say 1 btc)

He then has a script running on a computer

(defparameter *target-payment* 1.0)
(defparameter *crowd-source-address* 1Fx3N5iFPDQxUKhhmDJqCMmi3U8Y7gSncx)

(if (> (get-amount *crowd-source-address*) *target-payment*)
The "community" then has the ability to unlock whatever: a new album, a new videogame, etc by coming together and hitting the target. Perhaps trusted addresses could have a refund system if the target is not hit by a certain time.

It is very important that the content is released on a code trigger running on a server, that will fire as soon as the target address has enough funds and a few block confirmations have occurred. If the users have to wait for the creator to check his address and manually release the product, the system loses a lot of its magic.

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