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Why This Blog

Some quick notes on why I decided to create a blog with this style.

Absent the standard NSABook, InstaSpam, Twatter, UnlinkedIn and other antisocial media portfolio of most, I do need some way to tell people what's going on in my life. Ideally this will also be a place where I can let my mind transform its thoughts into bits in the digital realm in the wonderful language of Spanish, but the mental effort required to pursue this goal makes the outcome dubious.

I decided to forgo the effort of making a picturesque website ready baked for a SV-style investor and instead chose to focus on function over form. Hopefully I'll get some pretty nifty features on this website shortly. Already you can hop on over to and see the logs of the chat made in #whaacked on freenode. Go hop on and start talking and watch the whaackbot make sure your comment gets logged. Wow!1

Instead of using WordPress2or another blogging platform that comes with a mountain of code I don't understand, I decided to build this from scratch using django 1.7. ( 1.7 I think is the first django that came with db migrations... a freaking Godsend) There may be nifty features and improvements in the newer django versions, but I have more experience with the older file layout systems so I don't have any intentions of upgrading and having to learn all this new junk.

  1. No longer a thing []
  2. heh []

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