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V Study Reference Links

My master diana_coman has assigned me the task of creating a report on my understanding of V that includes a with my own annotations. I have collected related links for my reference as well as for the reference for anyone else on a similar path. I will update this post as I locate more material.

  1. ben_vulpes's V-tronics 101: A gentle introduction to The Most Serene Republic of Bitcoin's cryptographically-backed version control system 1
    1. mp's ode to V / ode to Genesis patch2
    2. mp's v manual genesis.
    3. mod6's perl v
  2. esthlos's a v-tron, a cl V he made himself. He has many updates to this vtron that are found on his homepage.
  3. asciilifeform's v.py3
  4. A note from spyked's blog about the shortcoming of
  5. trinque's v-manifest spec draft4
  6. mp's A new software licensing paradigm
  1. This post has links to other useful material some of which I include on this post as well. []
  2. link dead at time of writing mod6 has fixed the link. []
  3. This was written by asciilifeform but I only have found phf's signature. There is a patch by phf to have asciilifeform's use vtools. []
  4. Linking archived version until trinque recovers his blog. []

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  1. [...] learning-V articles (such as that of 2018 by a meanwhile vanished Esthlos or a more recent one by Whaack who helpfully groups some links together as well) and a lot of discussion of all sorts6, scattered [...]

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